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Carefully read the rules of our server and
enjoy the phenomenal game!


The first time you get caught with a client (ex: METEOR, IMPACT) you get a 7 DAYS BAN. The second time you get caught, you will be banned permanently. Using illegal resource packs (ex: X-RAY, NIGHT VISION) will be sanctioned with 1 WARN. .


Griefing is only considered when it affects more than 50 blocks. It is sanctioned with a 7 DAYS BAN and will not be forgiven under any circumstances!

Ban or Mute Evading

They are used by the staff for keeping the server under control. Insultes will be sanctioned with a 25 MINUTES MUTE (also toxicity and swearing). When insulting a STAFF, the time for the sanction will grow up to 35 minutes . The ban will be used only for advertising, clients, abusing, making a big scene and insulting the staff (SPECIAL CASES ONLY)


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Player or Staff Disrespect

The player who was scammed needs to have some type of proof! (photo, video) It is sanctioned with a 7 DAYS BAN but it will not be considered if the victim didn't lost anything important (ex: a big amount of money)


It is sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN-IP and is not forgiven. It also can not be sent to players in private (using /msg name or /tell name) because the punishment will be the same.